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نرم افزار رژیم درمانی

This software have been produced by knowledge of Dietitians and experience skilled programmers

Public facilities:

Filing patient and record the Physical characteristics
Anthropometric measurements and calculation of overweight or underweight
Determi-ne the amount of calories needed for patient
Calories proposed to achieve the desired weight
Determine the amount of activity by calculating burnt calories Sports
Estimated arrival time to optimal weight according to the caloric prescription
Ability to adjust the weight loss per week
Ability to adjust diet by user
Execute Food tastes patient in advanced and intelligent way
Diets during pregnancy and lactation
With nutritional recommendations for patients
Distillates proposed to improve operating loss or weight gain
Propose the herbal medicine for improve loss or weight gain program
Heart disease . blood pressure . vegetarian. athletes .diabetics and ...
Prescribed by Percent carbohydrate , fat and protein
Propose the usual supplements for athletes
Prescribe exercise regimens in terms of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
Ability to add food to database software
The report charts the progress of the patient
The possibility of substitute the prescribed meal with a serving of similar calories
Smart SMS System for the calorie meal replacement

نرم افزار تغذیه و رژیم درمانی

Exclusive Features:

Virtual Kitchen
Unlimited diets
Recognition and Precise analysis of macronutrient percent
Food priorities of the patient
The possibility of exportation electronic cards for patients
Updates the list of commands and food models
High speed processing and administration diets
Intelligent text analysis by type of food name
Software designed to fully comply with the standards of software production
1 year free support and 5 year warranty software
Diet therapy Software Guide
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